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In Association with Amazon.comHere is our collection of books for working dogs. If you don't see a title you're looking for, drop us a line and we will help you find it!  Also, you could browse Amazon's selections.  


Beginning Books


Newfoundland Draft Work 2nd Edition by Consie Powell $26.95

This is a superb book for beginning draft work with the single dog. Although written for Newfoundlands, the principles apply to all breeds. Topics: Harnesses, draft equipment, training, safety, and conditioning. Revised 2007, 87p sc

Your Dog in Harness $12.00 by Mel Fishback Riley. Full of useful information for the beginning musher. Topics include dog selection, temperament, basic training, getting started, equipment, puppy selection, lead training, kenneling, weight pulling, packing, feeding, breeding and more. 68p 8-1/2x11.

MUSH A Beginners Manual of Sled Dog Training $21.00

Edited by Bella Levorsen—Kinds and selection of sled dogs, housing, collar, harnesses, lines, sleds, training rigs, accessories, and training. 248p sc

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Skijor with Your Dog $15.95 by Mari Hoe-Raitto and Carol Kaynor. Comprehensive and practical guide for anyone interested in dogs, skiing, and winter fun. Much information applicable to cart training. 200p 70+ photos and illustrations, softcover.

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Training Lead Dogs $14.95 by Mel Fishback. Concentrates on the positive relationship between the driver and the team. It is one of the best training texts available for experienced or beginning musher. 108p softcover.

Dog Driver 2009 revised ed. $32.95 by Miki & Julie Collins. The most comprehensive book on dog sledding to date, dog selection, training, psychology, equipment, health and safety, 388 pages, illustrationss, hard cover.

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Weight Pulling

Weight Pulling for Dogs by Victor Rowell. New revised version of the first book on weight pulling. Emphasizes obedience and motivations. 33 p softcover.

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Back Packing


Backpacking With Your Dog $12.95 by Charlene LaBelle. Comprehensive, covers conditioning, training, equipment selection. 96p with photos, softcover.

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An Introduction to Canine Carting $35.00 by Beth Ostrander (Dog Works). Equipment (terminology, harness, vehicle features and comparisons), Puppy training, Learning to drag, Basic Cart Training, Maneuvering, Backing, Everything you need to know about working a dog on a cart with shafts. 59 minutes DVD.

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